Audi A5 8T 2012-2016 Facelift Rear Bumper Tow Hook Cover Genuine Choose Color

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Audi A5 8T Rear Bumper Tow Hook Cover Towing Eye Cap For 2012-2016 is made of high-quality plastic which is an exact match for this vehicle and model.

It is well known that the beauty of a vehicle lies majorly in its rear and front view. The grille and bumper both rear and front with its components make every vehicle appearance attractive. Having a vehicle with a stolen or damaged tow cover is not uncommon. However, if this damaged or removed bumper component such as the tow cover is not replaced, it mars the appearance, beauty and elegance of your vehicle. It is important vehicle bumper accessories such as tow hook cover should be restored to its optimum condition, with exactness in color and size to restore its exquisite appearance.

RGB CARPARTS has Audi A5 8T Rear Tow Hook Cover in several color variants which you can choose from and in perfect dimension (OEM) in accordance with industry standard. The quality of material used in manufacturing this tow hook cover for Audi A5 8T 2012-2016 model ensures its durability and makes it easy to install. This product is also offered at a reasonable price.