BMW 3 Series F30 F31 M Sport Headlight Washer Cover For 2011-2019 Choose Color/Side

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BMW 3 Series F30 F31 M Sport headlight washer cover jet cap for 2011-2019 model produced by RGB CARPARTS is made of high-quality plastic which is durable and easy to install. This product is produced according to BMW 3 Series F30 F31 M Sport headlight washer cover's standard specifications. This simplifies the installation process and saves you time.

Is your headlight washer cover missing? Your vehicle without a headlight jet cover looks shabby and largely overlooked. Maintaining and replacing missing parts is a necessity, not a luxury, if your car is your pride and joy.

Apart from improving the appearance of your vehicle, having your headlight washer cover restored also prevents dust, special compounds, and long-term physical exposure from entering the inner washer nozzle.

This product has the following features:

  • For less money, get the same quality as OE.
  • Replacement part that fits perfectly
  • Installs in the same manner as a factory-installed unit.
  • The dimensions are the same as the OEM part.
  • Material is the same gauge as the original.
  • Installation does not necessitate car modifications.